What is Pre-Diabetic?

Pre-Diabetic is a stage of a diabetic condition which is usually followed by the onset of the so-called Type II diabetes. Basically, this condition is characterized by elevated glucose level, although not high enough to be considered as diabetes.


Doctors would usually refer this kind of condition as:

  • Impaired fasting glucose, or
  • Impaired glucose tolerance

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) usually recommends people of 45 years age and above to undergo screening as well as those in younger ages who are either obese or overweight.

Risk Factors

  • Diabetes history in the family
  • High cholesterol levels
  • High triglycerides
  • High blood pressure
  • When you belong to a particular ethnic group like Hispanic American, Asian American, African American, Pacific Islander, Native American
  • Gestational diabetes history
  • Cardiovascular disease history
  • Health condition that resists insulin

How would you know if you are pre-diabetic or not? You'll have the answer when you-r doctor would recommend you to undergo any of the following tests:

  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Fasting Plasma Glucose Test
  • Hemoglobin A1c

Actions to take, when you have prediabetes

The best thing to do when you are diagnosed with prediabetes is to undergo a significant lifestyle change which includes reducing body weight through exercise and dieting. Additionally, you may also want to join behavioral programs which aim to modify and achieve your goals in terms of losing weight.

Another way for you to manage your prediabetic condition is to take up prescription medicines in order to reduce blood sugar levels. Some of the commonly prescribed medicines for such condition include (Glucophage) metformin, (Actos) pioglitazone, (Precose or Prandase) acarbose.

Following the above-mentioned procedures are in fact effective ways to stop or prevent the onset of type II diabetes. This could mean spending much effort and time on your part but they're worth the try when it comes to the positive results they give.

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