Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy tries to stay abreast the new development in the health care field and constantly updating our programs and services to better serve the community and our customers. We do realize that living in New York is a challenge and people are busy and don't have the luxury to wait an hour to pick up their medications and most of the time, they don't even have the time to drop off their prescriptions. Therefore, our pharmacy has established programs to help those in need in a variety of ways as you will see listed below:

Free Pickup and Delivery

Free pick-up and Drop-off from your home, business, office, hospital, schools, clinics, nursing homes within the hour of your call. We will not charge you a penny for this service. This service is especially beneficial to mothers with many kids and busy individuals who are always on the go.

Free Utilities bill payment options

Free Utilities bill payment options through MONEY GRAM. We will waive the fee for paying your utilities bills from gas, electric, phone, credit cards, and department stores, load money on pre-paid credit cards or purchase new ones, and much more. You can, also, send and receive money through our service from and to any place around the world.

$4 Generic Program

NO INSURANCE NO PROBLEM, Sunset Rx Pharmacy is well known for its $4 Generic program. We carry about a 1000 medications that are at $4 for 30 days' supply. Please call us at any time and get a price quote on your current medications, you will be shocked.

Live chat with the Pharmacist

Live staff to answer the phones all the time and never a robot. We invested in hiring the best phone operators that are skilled and possess years of pharmacy experience to answer the phone and help you with your medications. Best of all, we speak your language to make you more comfortable: English, Spanish, and Arabic over the phone. We also have a phone translating service in store that will connect to a live operator to help our staff translate and counsel patients in over 30 languages.

Diabetic Care

Diabetes is one condition that has a high prevalence in our community, yet it is ignored and under treated costing the health care system $245 billion on a national average. Furthermore, HISPANIC rank number two between ethnic groups in terms of the number of people affected by this slowly progressive but deadly disease. Sunset RX Pharmacy took a stand two years ago to fight this disease on many frontiers realizing that in order for the service to work effectively two factors must be in place.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging of medications is one of our specialties. Vials are not always the most convenient way to have your medications in. We specialize in blister packaging for daily, weekly, monthly supplies. This innovative system ensures that your loved one never forget to take their medications, increased safety, proven adherence and eliminate the need to carry around bottles that can be lost, damaged or stolen. You only take your daily dose with you and leave the rest at home.


Compounding is the art and science behind preparations that are not available in the US market but needed for patients care as determined by a physician. Our pharmacy is equipped with state-of-the art compounding facility with top notch equipment to ensure your safety and our compliance. Furthermore, our pharmacist is a highly skilled chemist where quality control is his top priority.

Fully Stocked

Our pharmacy is fully stocked at all time and there is no such thing as come back tomorrow. We have three daily deliveries from drug companies to meet our customers' need. Once you establish yourself with us, your medications will be in stock all the time, every time and that is our promise to you.