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Diabetes is a condition that has a high prevalence in our community, yet it is ignored and under treated costing the health care system $245 billion on a national average. Furthermore, HISPANIC rank number two between ethnic groups in terms of the number of people affected by this slowly progressive but deadly disease. Sunset RX Pharmacy took a stand two years ago to fight this disease on many frontiers realizing that in order for the service to work effectively two factors must be in place. The first, language barriers, since our pharmacy is located in a Hispanic community, Spanish must be the only language to relay information to our patients and do not rely on kids translating to their family how to take their medications. Every member in our pharmacy is fluent in Spanish including the pharmacist (TONY AZIZ) and the director of pharmacy (LISA MEDINA). Secondly, access to diabetic supplies, how is that done when a box of strips cost $50, Machine $70, Alcohol swaps and lancets another $10. Here where we come in at SUNSET RX PHARMACY

  • Free Diabetic meter to all our customers and those in need
  • Free box of alcohol swap
  • Free box of lancet
  • $15 only for a box of strips(50)...now that is called affordable access
  • Free training on the use of diabetic supplies from our diabetic certified pharmacist
  • Free consultation on life style modifications which include physical activities, food, and stress factors.
  • Free consultation on the proper way to take medications, side effects, insulin injection, storage, expiration and disposal of needles.
  • Numbers explained in detail, what they should be looking for, what is a normal sugar level, what is high sugar level and associated symptoms, and what is a low sugar level and associated symptoms.
  • Dedicated phone line to a certified Nurse Practitioner to answer calls and concerns regarding diabetes and complications
  • Together we can take a bit of diabetes and our pharmacy is on the for- front of this fight.

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