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Sunset Rx Pharmacy, located in the heart of Hispanic Sunset Park, was established in 2009 with one mission insight: serving our under-served Latino community with the highest level of honesty, respect, and integrity, after all, the owner is half Latino. On a daily basis, we uphold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards while serving our elderly and people in need. It is a personal matter with us that every patient leaves our pharmacy with a smile on his/her face despite his/her pain, anger and frustration.

The pharmacy was established in the fall of 2010 by Dr. Tony Aziz, who lived in the same neighborhood for over 25 years. Dr. Aziz graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Chemistry and went on to Long Island University to pursue his master's degree. Three years later, Dr. Aziz received his MS in Chemistry with the highest honors, SUMA CUM LAUDE, and became an adjunct faculty at the university and St. Francis College, teaching the field he loves the most, chemistry. A year later, Dr. Aziz enrolled into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Long Island University and dedicated his time to studying and teaching. Finally, after four years, Dr. Aziz graduated with a Doctor of pharmacy degree with high honors and 3.98 GPA. Since then and 3 years later, Sunset Rx Pharmacy has established itself as the main go to pharmacy in the community with thousands of people depending on its daily operation and grew from a two people managed pharmacy to a pharmacy that has 24 employees and still growing with the help of our community and our superior customer service.

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If you have a prescription at another pharmacy and would like to transfer it to Sunset Rx Pharmacy, please send us an email at rx@sunsetrxpharmacy.com and include the phone number of your pharmacy, and the names of the prescriptions you want transferred.

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